I still trust Japanese rice cookers

I know there are many rice cookers in the market now, and many of them come with different features. Rice cookers have changed a lot since the days when we were young. In fact, there are many changes within last decade. About 10 years ago, I purchased a Panasonic rice cooker for my sister in law, and it is still in good condition. But now her family has increased in size. So she does need a larger one. This Christmas, we want to surprise her with slightly larger one. Our obvious choice would be one of the best Japanese rice cooker because Japanese eat rice like us, and they know how it should be cooked, unlike some westerners who eat bread more regularly than rice.

sanyo rice cooker

I was thinking of Panasonic’s 660 watt automatic rice cooker. This one is a 4.4 liter rice cooker. It is a multi purpose cooker unlike the previous one that we gave to my sister in law. So she can make those idlis, and steam food as well. It can be used to thaw meat as well. My husband however is not happy with it. He feels that the plastic may not be good for cooking. He also does not understand how multi functional appliances such as this one are of any use. He feels that they delay cooking because she would first need to use it for steaming some food, and that will take some time. After that she would cook the rice. That is some more time. Effectively, she is not really saving on time. But I disagree. I feel that we don’t use rice cooker continuously. She can cook rice later. The biggest advantage is, she can do other things like cleaning and dusting and not fear that what she has left for steaming is overcooked or the water in the vessel has evaporated. But I have to concede the advantage is not as much as it seems. I am also concerned about the plastic units and the health problems that can arise because of them. But then, the aluminum alloy that we all have in our rice cookers is not very healthy either, is it? I mean, I heard that it can lead to Alzheimer’s.

We are still undecided on what we should buy. Japanese are inclined to be perfectionists and basically, they are good in electronic products. So I know that I would be selecting only a Japanese rice cooker but whether it will be the sophisticated rice cooker with multiple thermostats, or simple one with only one function and aluminum vessel. Is saving power more important than other health complications, because of plastic? I find myself debating on that.