Kotobuki-Style Lunchables

Well, this is not my most creative lunchbox, but it was quick and simple, which I desperately needed this morning! I packed this lunchables style bento in their Kotobuki frog

Today the kids have some triangle cheese pieces, crackers, and rolled up turkey and ham.  They have apple slices with peanut butter in their fruit compartment. I threw in a few qrapes for the Little Dude.  We got a fresh delivery of carrots yesterday and still had a few leftover from last week’s CSA, so I decided to make some more of the carrot soup I made a couple of weeks ago (recipe here).  I followed the cookbook’s version this time and I have to say, I liked my version a little better.  This one still came out great and I know Girlie will be happy to eat it in her Hello Kitty thermos.  Little Dude has the Greek yogurt cup.

In other news, Girlie and I are training for a race next month!  Well, that might be an overstatement – we’re both participating in a “fun-run” in our community next month.  I am doing the 5K and she’s doing the 1K.  This is 3.2 miles for me and just under 2/3 of a mile for her.  I run a few times a week as part of my fitness routine.  This is a big part of how I manage my weight.  I run 5K or more during my lunch break on most weekdays.  The Girlie doesn’t run for fitness, but runs around the playground all the time, of course! Last night, it was nice and light out after dinner and we went for a family bike ride.  After we rode the bike around the block, I asked my Girlie if she’d like to do a practice race around the block too (about half of the distance she’ll need to cover for her 1K run).  She agreed and took off so fast!  I had no idea that she could run like that! Of course, she burned out after a very short distance, but she managed to recover and finish the .3 mi loop pretty quickly overall.  I am feeling better about her odds of doing .6 next month if we keep practicing.   Anyway, we were a sight, jogging around the block, holding hands and laughing.   It felt really great to be doing a fitness activity together and having a blast doing it!

Girlie is extremely competitive and is very focused on winning this race.  I know she cannot possibly win.  She will be among the youngest and smallest there. I have tried to make her focus on that fact that it is a Fun Run and we are not out to win.  I have no ambitions of winning anything and we’re just going to have fun and support our community.  None of this is getting through to her!  Does anyone have any advice on how to continue to encourage her to participate, but ensure she is prepared to lose?? That sounds so weird, but that is what I think I need to do with her!  Thanks!