The Best Toaster Reviews

If you are wondering which toaster you should buy, below are the top recommended 2 slice toasters:

Lakeland Digital

This toaster has a retro-look. It is made of brushed stainless steel. The Lakeland Digital toaster has nine settings, wide slots for bagels and crumpets, cord storage and a bread-lift function. The toaster is available at a 2 or 4-slice model. The 2-slice model costs £29.99 while the 4 slice one costs £42.99.

Smart Toast BTA840

It lies under Breville toasters. This toaster is equipped with push button controls such as ‘Lift & Look™’. This option activates the carriage so as to gently raise the bread for you to check if it is ready. It also has LEDs which count down the progress of your toasting. It has defrost and crumpet settings.

russell hobbs toaster

Russell Hobbs

This toaster browns your bread very well and toasts very quickly. It can accommodate diverse bread sizes. This includes the pitta bread. This is due to its long slots. It has a stylish look with illuminated dots that show the browning time and level until the toast is ready. It costs £89.99

Dualit NewGen

This is a robust toaster that enables you to heat slots separately. It has a teacake new bagel setting. It has an iconic design with a fantastic browning. It costs £199.15.

Bodum Bistro

It comes in a variety of colors such as purple, lime, orange and many others. The toaster is well-built up with no underdone patches. It has high-lift carriage that prevents burns as you retrieve your bread. It has a cancel button for emergency stops. It costs £50.

Magimix Vision toaster

Magimix Vision

This is a two-slice toaster. It has glass sides that enable you to peer and decide on the level of brownness you want. It has simple controls that are clearly marked. This toaster costs £160.

John Lewis

The John Lewis toaster has a super-shiny look and operates very fast. It has settings for defrosting, toasting and reheating. It also equipped with a crumb tray. it is simple to operate and it is available with either 2 or 4 slots.

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